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Best Cheapest Data Plan in March 2017


According to Airtel, the repackaged Smart Trybe gives 11k/sec rate to all networks in Nigeria and cheapest cost of data bundle.

Under the hood, you can find these 3 major package

» Trybe Special Data: cheap data bundle and call rates which gives you 1GB of data for N500 and it will last you for one week (7 days).
» Trybe Night Browsing: You can get 500MB data for N25(12:00am – 5:00am),1.5GB for N200 (12:00am-5am), and the good aspect is that you can subscribe over and over again.
» Trybe Weekend: Airtel SmartTryBe Weekend customers enjoy 250 MB with free 30Min calls to all Airtel numbers for just N200.

How Can I Opt-in?

Dial *312# to opt in for this package.

If you are a heavy downloader or heavy internet user, you can simply utilize this package.

For Normal Internet Users

  1. Glo: Glo still remain one of the network that gives you more data for lesser amount compared to other networks only that in most locations, Glo network can be abysmal.
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Dial *777# to choose the plan that suites you.

  1. MTN: Mtn on the other hand has been experiencing poor network in some locations lately, I don’t if it has anything to do with Xenophobia attack but their data plans hasn’t change a bit.

Dial *131# to choose the data plan that suites you.

  1. Airtel: Same thing applies to Airtel NG. Dial *141# and choose the package that suits you.

However, I’ll still recommend you get your data from third party resellers because they offer you something cheaper and better compared to what our network offers you.

For Etisalat, you can get

1GB for N700

1.5GB for N900

2GB for N1200

2.5GB for N1600

3.5GB for N2000

5GB for N2500

10gb. For N4500

For MTN, you can get

1GB for N600

1.5GB for 875

2GB for N1200

3GB for N1600

3.5GB for N1800

4GB for N2000

5GB for N2700

And for Airtel, you can get

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1GB for N700

1.5GB for N 900

3.5GB for N1800

7GB. for N3150

9GB for N4000

It doesn’t zap, compared to the airtel conventional package.



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