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Logan Review: A well deserved tribute to wolverine


This being a Wolverine movie, our hero initially wants no part of it. He’s out of the X-game, and sees no obligation to assist. Then he sees that Laura’s medical files have his name, “James Howlett,” emblazoned on them. Predictably, his cold, dead heart grows 10 times. Logan, Professor X, and their new charge road trip north (in this version of 2029, President Trump apparently never followed through with that whole wall thing), leaving a trail of carnage behind them.

About Bloody Time

And that havoc deserves notice. In addition to allowing Logan to say “fuck” whenever he goddamn wants, the movie’s hard-R rating also allows him, and his equally brutal daughter, to slice and dice in ways Wolverine has never really done onscreen before. For previous X-Men films, the camera has winced or cut away when things bloody, but here everything is laid out in Deadpool-esque closeup. Director James Mangold, now on his second Wolverine flick, clearly saw Logan as a piece of wish fulfillment, and that wish was death. It’s not overzealous, but it is brutal—and for fans longing to see Weapon X go full berserker, it’s highly gratifying.

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To say any more would spoil the experience, but know this: Logan earns its keep, and its rating. The cursing and carnage aren’t just there for oooh, neat! effect. They’re there because Logan is about finding redemption in an imperfectly lived life. To remove them would be to sugar-coat a story, and character, that lives on the darkest timeline. The X-Men have always been about celebrating outcasts, but Logan was the one most on the fringe. If he was going to find any kind of solace, he was going to have to go to some bleak places first.

Jackman swears this is his last turn with the muttonchops. It’s a fitting finale. He’s threatened to come back to join up with Wade Wilson in a future Deadpool movie, and it’s likely the franchise could carry on in the capable hands of Keen, but this is where Wolverine, as movie fans know him, should end. He’s saved the day enough times; it’s a fitting reward to go out in a movie that cuts to the bone.

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Well. its impossible for fox to end the run wolverine on the big screens . We will probably get a plot twist in feature X-men movies. My guess is we will likely see a logan reboot with a new actor playing the role ..


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