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“Avoid smoked fish, roasted corn & plantain if you want to live long” – see what Expert says



Avoid smoked fish, roasted corn & plantain: For Nigerians to defeat non communicable diseases and live long, they must avoid excessive or continuous intake of smoked fish, roasted corn, roasted plantain and other enticing, but unhealthy foods, the Managing Director, Integrated Medical Centre, Dr. Damilola Familoni has said. She notes that though these were hard to resist delicacies for Nigerians, they were ladened with cancer causing effects and other disease risk factors which manifests much later in life, stressing that one of the surest prevention methods against cancer, diabetes, hypertension and obesity was adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy living.

Speaking at the celebration of AVON Health Management Organisation at Three, and the launch of its online service in Lagos, she said Nigerians must be educated on what types of foods to be avoided or eaten, as education was key to tackling the rising health indices in the country. “For instance, anyone with Blood type O has no reason eating plantain at all,” she adds.

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According to her, “disease burden was becoming prominent in Nigeria, hence it was best to adopt healthcare provision that would make them spend less while getting adequate and appropriate diagnosis, treatment and management of their various health issues.

“All these can’t be addressed by out-of-pocket health provision as majority of Nigerians are living below the poverty line and are unable to afford healthcare. But with health insurance, it is easier to maximally take advantage of healthcare provision. Organisations, governments and individuals should adopt this model if we must reduce incidence of health issues in the country,” Familoni added.

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