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6 things you need to do now if you want to be a millionaire before 40 – NO.3 is KEY

2. Have more than one source of income

The bitter truth is that you will die a poor man if you stick to one source of income. While you have a sustainable means of income, make investments or do businesses that will continue to bring in money from different points. You cannot afford to make plans based on a source of income; in planning to become a millionaire, you need to start thinking like one. Think and grow rich; it is a must for your ideas to lead to streams of income. Depending on your net worth, you can own a business venture or be a part owner. Either way, you need a business by the side to bring in money so that you will not get broke. The more streams of income you have, the more financially stable you will be.

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3. Concentrate on earning
If you want to be a millionaire, then you have to put your eyes on the prize. Do not take your eyes off the concept of making more money. You have to find means of increasing your income while doing things to double your savings. Concentrate on earning and do everything possible to make more money. Follow the money and it will help you see opportunities that can yield in more money. Find high paying jobs you can have by the side, supply services to those who need and you will make more before you know it. It is important for you to read books that will widen your horizon and teach you the basic things you need to know before staring a business.

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