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How Dangote became the richest black man (read and learn)


How Dangote became the richest black man: Though the continent of Africa is rich in natural resources, most people view the large land mass as a place of poverty, war, and starvation.  In reality, there is a huge amount of fluctuation from country to country with regards to wealth and quality of life.  Nigeria, has emerged as one of the countries that is leading the pack with regards to having an international impact in the business world. This increase in the country’s international presence is largely due to one man – Aliko Dangote.

Mr. Dangote has a net worth of $25 billion, is the richest person on the continent of Africa, the richest black man on the planet, and the 23rd richest man in the world.  He is, by all accounts, one of the shrewdest businessman out there, and if he gets his way, he will most likely change the international view of Africa, and Nigeria in particular, in some very profound ways.  Curious about where to invest your money in the future? Consider putting it with Mr. Dangote and his plan to make Nigeria an international superpower.

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