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TOP 5 Things Women Need To Learn About Men (That’ll Change EVERYTHING)


Ladies, aren’t men complicated? Sometimes just ridiculously complicated? They run hot and cold, they stop texting you out of nowhere, or ALL they do is text you and never seem to try to make plans. What gives?

The truth is that women think men are complicated, and men think women are complicated, but I think that this is because we simply don’t spend enough time communicating and trying to learn about each other.

So, what do men want? We really aren’t so complicated after all and I know you’re not either. We need to work on having an open dialogue with each other instead of making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. If we all make that pledge and work together, I know we can make dating suck so much less.

For that very reason, I’m giving you some insight into the male mind (since I am a guy and all). Here are five things that women (you) should learn about men (us!). See you on the other side.

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1. We want to protect you.

We know that you don’t “need” us, but we want you to want us. There are certain things that are embedded in our DNA. One of them is a desire to protect the women in our lives. This includes mothers, sisters, daughters, and especially significant others.

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A real knight in shining armor can protect a woman by being her support system and encouraging her in all areas of life. He can take care of her when she’s sick, stand by her side during hard times, and make her feel safe and secure.

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