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8 Things Ladies Do That Men Simply DO NOT Understand


Women can be a very complicated specie, no wonder men tend to struggle every time they need to understand them…Hopefully these tips might just help some of the men folks out there.

Ladies: Sometimes, you say and do things that men just do NOT understand, and this can make our relationships REALLY freaking complicated. To make things easier for men, it would really, REALLY help to straight up TELL them what you’re thinking. But until then, here’s a few things that men just don’t get about women:

1. “It’s Fine”

No, no it’s not “fine.” Any time a woman says it’s “fine,” it’s a warning sign that a man is doing something very, very wrong.
Why say it’s “fine” when it’s REALLY not? Can someone explain this? LOL

2. Why do you wear such uncomfortable shoes? (Seriously.)

Your limping and bruised ankles beg to differ when you say “they are comfy, I swear!” There is NO way that those 6-inch stilettos are “comfy.” You’re basically walking on popsicle sticks.

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