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Twitter Launches New Live Video Feature called #GoLive (See how it works)


It seems that Twitter has indeed embraced the live video phenomenon:

“Live video is the most immersive way to experience what’s happening around the world. From protests and monumental moments to celebrations and things that make us LOL, we’re making it easier for you to broadcast live video – straight from Twitter.”

How #GoLive on Twitter Works

To broadcast live within the Twitter app, tap to compose a new Tweet then tap on “Live” to get a pre-broadcast screen where you can frame your shot. When you’re ready, start your live video by pressing “Go Live.” When you’re broadcasting live on Twitter, your followers can see your live video on their timelines and they can tap in to join your video.

When you’re watching a live video, you can send hearts (which act as likes) and add comments by tapping the screen. Twitter live videos can be liked, retweeted, and shared anywhere.

With Facebook and Instagram, the line is clearly drawn since Instagram’s live videos are ephemeral and are only available within Stories. When it comes to Twitter and Periscope, the line begins to blur since both now offer live video streaming.

The live video is now available  to all users on Twitter’s Android and iOS apps ..
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