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YOU NEED TO READ THIS: Symptoms of Diabetes


At least 25% of people with diabetes do not know about their disease. They quietly do things, do not pay attention to the symptoms, and at this time the diabetes gradually destroys their body. This disease is called the silent killer. The initial period ignoring diabetes can result in heart attack, kidney failure, vision falls or problems with your feet. Rarely it happens that a diabetic into a coma because of the increased sugar in the blood, passes through the intensive care unit, and then begins to be treated.

If the symptoms of diabetess are observed in a child or young person up to 25 years without the excess weight, it is likely that this type 1 diabetes. For its treatment will have to inject insulin. If the diabetes itself suspects fat or a man aged over 40 and overweight, it is probably type 2 diabetes. But this is only approximate information. To determine exactly what type of diabetes will be able endocrinologist.
Symptoms of diabetes. Early symptoms of diabetees in adults

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes

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Typically, the symptoms of type 1 diabetes is increasing at a person quickly, within a few days, and very strong. Often the patient suddenly falls into a diabetic coma (loss of consciousness), it is urgently transported to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes.

List the symptoms of type 1 diabetes:
thirsty: drink 3-5 liters of fluid per day;
the smell of acetone in the exhaled air;
the patient has an increased appetite, he eats a lot, but still dramatically thinner;

Frequent and copious urination (this is called polyuria), especially at night;
wounds heal poorly;
skin itching, often fungi, or boils.

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