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How Bleaching Cream Can Ruin Your Life

Bleaching Cream
Bleaching Cream

Hazardous Effects of Bleaching Cream on Human Skin is a very important issue we must consider when selecting our cosmetics choices. Some people in Africa, Southern Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East associate a lighter complexion with prosperity and high fashion. As a result a considerable number of men and women in this places uses products to lighten their skin tone-but some time at a high cost to their health,

Some skin-lighten creams contain hydroquinone, a bleaching agent that suppresses the production of MELANIN, thus reducing the skin’s natural protection against damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and causing hazardous effect. Hydroquinone penetrates the skin and may cause irreversible damage to connective tissue. A result is premature aging. The chemical may also be cancer-causing. Other creams contain mercury, which is another toxin.

Furthermore, continuous use of such products can cause disfiguring rashes, unsightly blotches, and skin so weaken that it cannot be stitched if cut. And if the chemicals in some of the these cosmetics are absorbed into the bloodstream, they can damage the liver, the kidneys, or the brain-even causing organ failure.

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While many ignorantly buy creams to change their skin colors not minding the content of the cream they are using, effects of this venture can be shockingly alarming.
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