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How Microsoft and LinkedIn plan to takeover the World

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Just six months ago, Tech giant Microsoft announced its intention to acquire LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional social-networking platform, for a whooping $26.2 billion.

on the 8th of december, that deal closed, officially becoming the biggest in Microsoft’s history.

Mergers and acquisitions are closed every day, and “decades of research by academics and consulting firms have shown that from 60 to 80 percent of mergers and acquisitions end up destroying, rather than creating, shareholder value,” as reported by The New York Times. In fact, one of Microsoft’s largest acquisitions to date, the mobile unit of Nokia, turned into a disaster.

But I believe this one’s different.

For some time now, both of these companies have been changing the way we work.

Microsoft’s accomplishments go mostly without saying. You’d be hard-pressed to find a major enterprise (or even small business, for that matter), that doesn’t use some iteration of Microsoft software.

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And LinkedIn, a much newer company, has slowly but steadily made a sizable impact on a number of industries. LinkedIn’s recruiting tools are increasingly popular, helping account for just under $1.9 billion of the company’s Talent and Solutions revenue in 2015. The company has also made strides as a professional blogging platform, a learning and development center, and has even tapped into the gig economy by introducing a freelancer-for-hire marketplace.

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