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12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know(must read)


Here are 12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know

We feel annoyed when we find people doing regular bodily functions in public like burping or hiccups. The most embarrassing and sometimes a point to laugh is farting in public. Yes, and people can judge you as manner less if you fart in public.
All we know about fart is that it is part of the digestive process. People make weird sounds when they fart and most annoying is the bad smell of fart when it comes out from anybody bum
However, there are many other facts related to fart. Here are 12 unknown facts about fart which might be surprising for you.
1. Men are master of farting, not saying in a funny way but it is true that men tend to fart more as compared to women.
2. The word fart was coined in 1962. Its meaning is the wind coming from the anus.
3. A normal person actually farts 14 times in a day. You can keep watch on it.
4. And yes, by farting 14 times a day we actually blow the air which is enough to fill up a balloon.
5. This is not something to be humiliated about as it implies that you are solid. A sound digestive tract produces flatulates. On the off chance that you are not flatulating at all go to the specialist.
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