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10 tools every graphic designer should have


10 tools every graphic designer should have

Everyone needs a tool for their own crafts. Chefs need a nicely-crafted knife for all their slicing sessions. Laundry women need the good fabric conditioners. Hairdressers need a good kit of scissors. But for graphic designers, is a PC or Mac enough?

Obviously, the answer would be no, no matter how fast and reliable the internet connection is. Of course, the first thing that each and every graphic designer should have is a PC, and there’s no doubt that it cannot be replaced.

However, outside the main engine, what else can designers use to aid and inspire them to do more in less than the usual time and sweat?

How about you check these cool gadgets and tools for graphic designer?

1. Apple iPad


The cyber ecosystem won’t be complete—at least practically—without the concept of Apple’s products hanging around. The iPad of Apple is a great example here: though this does not directly aid you in the design process, a Retina display with the right screen size should be more than enough to inspire you to create designs that are pixel-perfect and resolution-efficient.

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