Here are some very unusual weight loss tactics that dont require too much energy, but actually add up and make a big difference in the grand scheme of weight loss.

10 Unconventional Weight Loss TRICKS that Actually Works

1. Keep your home squeaky clean

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Let’s face it, most people should be putting a little bit of extra effort into home maintenance. In order to keep your home impeccably clean you’ll need to vacuum at least every other day, wash the dishes a couple of times a day, do some dusting every day, as well as wash and iron your clothes regularly. All this requires quite a bit of effort, which can actually benefit you in several ways.
When you clean the house you are actually spending time on your feet and applying a certain amount of force, which will help you burn a decent amount of calories. You are also less likely to think of food or have random snacks when you are preoccupied with a number of household chores.

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