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Top 5 Diseases You Won’t Believe actually Exist (must read)


Top 5 Diseases You Won’t Believe actually Exist

Most of the times when we wake up from the bed in the morning we are usually filled with one complain or the other about how painful it may be with us at one part of the body or the other.

At some other times, it may just be the sheer enormity of all the tasks that await us to handle that is making us to complain as it were. But do you know that there are those who are afflicted with some diseases that you never knew exists?

This article is not meant to simply show you the unfortunate fellows that are suffering from these terrible diseases but also to help us appreciate what we have and while we shouldn’t be moaning that headache as if its one big issue. Let us have it in our minds that they are those battling with some extra-ordinary health challenges, and some unusual types of diseases that we never thought exist.

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Please note that some of the pictures may be highly disturbing. So open with discretion.

1. Hypertrichosis

This disease, according to dictionary definition, is a medical condition of excessive body hair all over the body. Something to think about: Most of us complain of having to shave every morning before going to work apart from occasionally barbing their hair if a man.

A child suffering from Hypertrichosis

A child suffering from Hypertrichosis

While doing that and perhaps complaining of constantly shaving of those disturbing hairs, please know that they are those that cannot help being as hairy as goat which is never as a result of their making but just a somewhat disease that come their way either as a result of using some hair growth products or something they inherited genetically.

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