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Here are 6 Scientific Reasons why Mondays Are the Worst


Its very rare to see people that actually like mondays…Have issues with Mondays? Here’s why.

Here are 6 Scientific Reasons Mondays Are the Worst


1. Sleep Patterns

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Our minds are absolute slaves to our body clocks. As we remember every year when the clocks “spring forward,” even an hour’s change can completely mess you up. But in a way, we do this to ourselves every single week. Since most people don’t get enough sleep during the week, they often try to make up for it on weekends. But sleeping in even an hour or two for just two days can confuse your body clock. According to scientists, that extra sleep just makes you more tired at the start of the week, because it can throw your body clock off by up to 45 minutes. This makes it even harder to get up on a Monday morning, even though you would think you would be well rested since you “caught up” on sleep over the weekend.

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