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Surface Studio ; Microsoft about to Blow our minds with this super PC (See review)



So i was doing my usual surfing the net and then i came across  an ad featuring one of the most awesome work stations yet … The Microsoft surface studio .. If you were mind bloown with the earlier produced surface book and pro series ..(i.e an hybrid of a notebook and tablet ) well you will totally go nuts if you see what the surface  studio has to offer and its unique design .

In the hardware space, Microsoft has been all about setting standards. It’s done it for 2-in-1 laptops with the Surface Pro 4, and now it seems to have set the bar for all-in-one PCs with the Surface Studio.

Just as the rumors and leaks foretold, the Surface Studio is a 28-inch all-in-one PC with a new iteration on Microsoft’s PixelSense display, and an all-new way to control the device in the Surface Dial.

What the rumors and leaks didn’t prepare us for, however, was the price: a whopping $2,999 (around £2,450, AU$3,920; UK and Australia pricing is yet to be confirmed). Converting to naira that’s about a million  bucks..

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How does the Surface Studio justify that astronomical price tag? By being a very strong contender for the title of ‘Best All-in-One PC of All Time’, that’s how.

Release date and price

You can pre-order the Surface Studio right now, assuming you have a minimum of $2,999 (around £2,450, AU$3,920, 1million naira) lying around. It doesn’t come cheap, but for that price you’ll get an adjustable, 28-inch PixelSense display, a 6th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU.

If you need more power for your day-to-day routine, however, you can upgrade to an i7 configuration with 16GB of RAM or an i7 with 32GB of RAM and a 4GB GTX 980M GPU for $3,499 (about £2,780, AU$4,590) or $4,199 (about £3,340, $5,510), respectively. While a Surface Pen comes standard with every Surface Studio purchase, pre-order and you’ll get a Surface Dial accessory free of charge.

As of right now, pre-orders are slated to ship in ‘early 2017’. Although every Surface Studio comes with a Surface Keyboard, Surface Mouse and Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, the complementary Surface Dial offer, a $99 (about £79, AU$130) expires on December 1.

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Latest developments

Since its reveal on October 26, the Surface Studio has done so well that it’s sold out until ‘early 2017’. Luckily, those fortunate enough to pre-order early can expect their units to arrive the week of November 21. On the downside, there’s no telling when the vast majority of pre-sale units will land, save for the start of next year.

  • If price is a concern, the Surface Pro 3 still holds its own

Meanwhile, Microsoft isn’t the only one building computers for creative types. Dell, too, has shown off its all-in-one prowess with its Smart Desk PC. Both Dell and Microsoft appear to be challenging Cintiq rather than Apple by offering premium (in both price and quality) transforming displays on their desktop PCs.

With Surface Studio shipments initiating as we speak, we now know for certain that it meets the requirements for the recently revealed Windows 10 VR headsets when they arrive next year. In the meantime, it’s safe to assume Microsoft will continue fighting off ransomware and adding new features like second-screen touch control to its acclaimed operating system.

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