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5 Habits That Make You Look Unprofessional /unserious


  While there may be other contributing factors to your delay in promotion, you may be displaying certain behavior that are keeping you from growing professionally. These five things are some of the unprofessional habits that can prevent you from achieving success: 


1.Wandering Eyes



You know this routine very well; it has become second nature to the point where you barely realize yourself doing it. When you disagree with whomever is speaking, your instincts kick in and you think you are being subtle by simply reacting with your eyes, however don’t be too comfortable with this behavior as chances are your supervisor has noticed what you are doing. They may not have mentioned it directly, but your supervisor observing these signs of disengagement make it significantly less likely that you will be able to advance up the office hierarchy. If you are frustrated with a certain decision, it is always easiest to discuss it with your supervisor or whoever is concerned directly and clear the air.

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