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How to stay awake in Boring Meeting / Events



  Its quiet embarrasing when we realize we dozed through official meeting or events when we should be wide awake … Most times is not our Fault tho , its probably beyond our control…

“Sleep is like the federal budget,” Dr. Badr said. “It’s a debt that has to be paid. And the interest is your health.”,
What Makes People Fall Asleep Easily 

  • You’re warm and you’ve just eaten. “A high temperature and a full belly are stimuli that make you relaxed,” setting the stage for falling asleep, Badr said.
  • You’re overloaded. If you have too much to do, you may not be making enough time for sleep. It’s better to scale back and do a few things well than be chronically sleep deprived.
  • You’re in a moving car or train. Think how easily babies fall asleep in cars. Adults often respond the same way, said Dr. Rosen. Research published in the journal Current Biology in 2011 found that men who took naps in a bed that rocked fell asleep faster than those who were in a stationary bed — the swaying motion promotes brain wave patterns that foster sleep.
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How Not to Doze Off

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