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These 15 facts about the Bermuda Triangle will make you SHIVER

About the Bermuda Triangle – About the Bermuda Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular region in the North Atlantic ocean that is somewhat bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. This area has been known to exude paranormal activity and is even feared by many people. Although many skeptics will chose to degrade this area’s abilities, others may even blow it out of proportion.

Truth is, none of us really know what goes on in this daunting area, but what we do know is that too much has happened to deem it a coincidence. The Bermuda Triangle also goes by the name of “The Devil’s Triangle” and it isn’t too hard to see why. Many curious disappearances have occurred in this region, so many in fact, that speculation and myths have been on the rise for centuries. Many explorers and navigators have even reported seeing strange lights and unexplainable occurrences that if spoken about, will surely make them look like they’ve spent too many time at sea. What’s worse is that there has been no recognition for these impossible occurrences from the government and so it is left to the public to fantasize over. From ship to airplane, bizarre events have rattled even the most conservative of minds and will continue to do so.

15 facts about the Bermuda Triangle

15. Christopher Columbus Was The First To Speculate Over The Bermuda Triangle

via emaze.com  Christopher Columbus kept a journal throughout his voyages in hopes of keeping every little detail documented. His journal, “Vita del Ammiraglio” which translates to, “The Life of The Admiral” proved to be very informative in helping the modern world understand what went on all those hundred of years ago. In 1492, Columbus set sail in hopes of finding an alternative route to Asia, and ended up discovering the Americas instead. His journey brought him directly into what some people like to call, “The Devil’s Triangle” but unfortunately for the native people of North America, the Bermuda Triangle did not disappear Columbus’ ship. “There exists the possibility of never leaving this legendary sea. My compass acts strangely. This sea seems to have the ability to draw things in from all over the Atlantic like a catch-basin.” Is an entry from Columbus’ journal. The explorer also documented witnessing a fiery ball fall from the heavens.

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