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Top 6 Nigerian banks and how much they pay their staffs – See number 1!!


Nigerian banks and how much they pay their staffs

The banking sector in Nigeria (Nigerian banks) is one of highest paying sector as far as salaries are concerned. What banks pay their workers however differs from bank to bank. This is partly due to the fact that there are no particular regulations that stipulate what private organisations should pay their workers.

Also, the financial strength, customer base and performance of the bank are other factors responsible for how much a bank pays. Here is what some Nigerian banks pay their staff in Nigeria.

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6. Central Bank of Nigeria

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It is also good to know what the apex bank pay its staff. CBN does one month training for its new intakes and pays N122,000 per month afterwards. This is aside the many mouth-watering allowances. Many industry watchers say CBN is the master when it comes to allowances. So what is lacking in actual salary is made up for in allowances. Do you work in a bank or have relations working there? You can add a comment to give us an idea how much the bank pays.

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