Home Business/Entreprenuership MUST READ!!! The 8 highest paying jobs in Nigeria

MUST READ!!! The 8 highest paying jobs in Nigeria


Highest paying jobs in Nigeria


Thehubngr brings you the highest paying jobs in Nigeria..  Read and share with a friend, you never can tell if this is what someone has been looking for to make a career switch. Enjoy


8. Advertising experts

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With the emergence of many brand and companies the need to create awareness has arouse thus bringing about the emergence of Advertising agencies and firms. You will be shocked how lucrative the advertising and media sector is ….

7. Hackers/Software Programmers/IT Security Analysts

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The demand for programmers well versed in Javascript, PHP, Java and JQuery is on the increase and we predict a more lucrative atmosphere for highly skilled ethical hackers and programmers. Ethical Hackers are rarer to find in Nigeria and the situation will not likely improve much in 2014. Ethical Hackers work to improve cyber security, prevent security breaches and maintain security of web and online platforms. As more and more big business starts to get conducted online corporations and companies are getting to ensure low risk of security breach on online operations thus IT security Analyst and Hacking careers are looking more lucrative.

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