The 7 Most Fashionable African presidents of all time-


When we look at the variety of presidents that have spanned the African continent since the early days of independence in the 1950’s, we can confidently say that some of them rocked it when it came to fashion.

1. Jean Bedel Bokassa

This despot ruled The Central African Republic for over 10 years by coming into rule via a military coup. Although he did bring some positive changes to the country like banning genital mutilation and building a more robust public transport system, his ego ultimately hindered any real progress in the C.A.R. The photo below shows him at his presidential inauguration in 1966 lavishly adorned in gold, sitting on a gold throne, wearing a gold crown, with a gold eagle in the backdrop. This whole ceremony cost the state over $400 million!
jean bedel bokassa

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