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7 questions You Must never ask on a First Date [MUST READ]


Most times we wonder why our first date didnt go so well but we keep forgetting communication is key and bad communication is most def a locker …

Here are 7 questions we should never ask on  a First date :


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1. Anything too intrusive

Intrusive and insensitive questions are too personal, too critical or too threatening, says Brown. These include how much a person weighs, his/her bank balance, how many people he/she has slept with and whether or not there’s mental illness in his/her family.
These sorts of questions can create awkward or unpleasant moments. Then it can be difficult to establish or recover the easy rapport and light romance that make most dates a success.
For instance: “Is that hair really yours? Variations on this question are not only rude, but show that you’re not actually interested in the person in front of you. It insinuates that they are fake in some way, not good enough, or that you’re obsessed with people’s exterior. None of these are good when making a first impression,” says Lee Harrington, Sexuality Author and Educator.

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2. Anything that puts them on the spot

Avoid any question that puts someone on the spot, causing an awkward moment or silence,” says Sherman. “Don’t ask anything YOU would feel uncomfortable answering. So avoid questions about previous relationships, mental health issues, salaries, politics, physical features on you or your date, your last therapy session or recent argument with your boss,” says Sherman. Avoid very personal things about your family, a devastating trauma or incident that would “freak” him/her out.

3. “How Much Money Do You Make?”

And, of course there’s nothing more rude and intrusive than asking about money says LA-based sex therapist Moushumi Ghose. “While I am a big fan of putting your real true self out there on dates and not playing games, this is the way you weed the non-compatible ones out anyway, so I would say never ask someone how much money they make. That’s just rude.” The underlying message is that their self worth is in direct relation to their tax bracket.

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4. “How Old Are You?”

Never ask someone their age, says Ghose. “While I understand you don’t want to date someone underage, if they look that young a simple ‘Are you over 18?’ is fine.”


5. “Why Are You Single?”

You might be wondering why someone is single, but putting them on the spot with a direct question may also put them on the defensive, says Astroglide’s resident sexologist Dr. Jess. That includes asking them about their ex, as well. “Sure. You’re curious. And they may even be willing to reveal all the juicy details, but recalling negative experiences from the past doesn’t set the tone for a positive first (or second) encounter,” says Dr. Jess.
Do not come on too strong, monopolizing the conversation by only talking about yourself, says Sherman. Always be a good listener as well as a good conversationalist. The date should not be a question/answer session, but it should flow naturally and smoothly. So when you speak, try to get input from your date so the conversation remains interesting and fun.

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6. What’s your five-year plan? :
Makes you seem creepy..
7. What’s your greatest regret?  


7 questions You Must never ask on a First Date



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