All Nigerian Internet Data Bundle Plans and Subscription Codes


Here’s a comprehensive list of the Data Plan Bundles Available in Nigeria and prices as at 2016

All MTN Nigeria Internet Data Plans and Activation Codes

All MTN Internet Data Plans and Activation Codes

MTN Nigeria, being one of the largest Internet service providers in Nigeria decided to up their game recently by introducing/revisiting their internet data bundles prices and data capped for each plan. This time, MTN has made these plans readily available to smartphone users especially as their has been a rise in the usage of android devices in Nigeria, in fact, these internet plans are now available at a cheap plan. Here are the plans currently available.

MTN Daily Plans

30MB for N100: You can now have access to 30MB of internet data for 24Hrs for just N100 by dialing *104# or texting 104 to 131 in an SMS.

100MB for N200: Similar to the plan above, you can get 100MB for just N200 for 24Hrs by dialing *113# or texting 113 in an SMS to 131.

MTN Weekly Plans

750MB for #500: This is the only weekly plan currently available to MTN subscribers. You can access this plan for 7 days by dialing *103# or sending 103 in an SMS to 131 for just N500.

Monthly MTN Data Plans

1GB for N1000: This is the most affordable monthly plan available on the MTN network. Costing N1000, you have access to the internet capped at 1.5GB for 30 days. You can subscribe by dialing *106# or sending 106 in an SMS to 131.

3.5GB for N2000: Yet another affordable monthly plan for the average smartphone internet user. You get 3.5GB data on your line for 30 days by dialing *110# or sending 110 in an SMS to 131.

10GB for N5000: Now this plan is preferable in my opinion to the spectranet N5000 since MTN seems to have a stable network across Nigeria and more so, you get extra 5GB for the same amount. You can get this plan by dialing *116# or texting 116 in an SMS to 131.

22GB for N10000: This for now is the highest plan MTN seems to offer. You get 22GB data for a period of 30 days at a price of N10,000. Simply dial *117# or text 117 to 131 and have the plan activated.

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