Home Tech reviews Top 10 Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks and Tech heads– 2017

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks and Tech heads– 2017



Top 10 Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks and Tech heads– 2017


Android, being the most used mobile OS has gained this by the help of app developers. Yes, they are contributors to the growth of the OS as a whole lot of Apps are available for android users and this makes smartphone users always want to go for it. Irrespective of your field, Android has an App that suites you.


This article is about Best Android apps for computer geeks. if you are a geek and you aren’t using these Apps you are at loss. Because these apps are like buddies to every computer geek. Below is a list of 10 awesome Application every computer Geek should have on their android phones.


List Of Best Android Apps For Computer Geeks.

  1. Amazing Computer Geek Facts.
amazing-computer-geek-facts-android-app This App is an awesome one that provides information about computer facts. This App works without the internet. It has options to send these facts directly to your friends using email, facebook etc.How it works: Just type the keyword which you want to learn about, and that’s it.This App has about 50 thousand downloads on Google play store. Allow users to navigate through its user friendly interface.



  1. Computer and IT Quiz.
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computer-and-it-quiz-android-app This App is specially designed for Computer geeks, it is a very popular one for computer geeks, with a 4.2 rating on Google play store. The whole idea of this App is to test your knowledge as it provides computer quiz tests from topics like programming, visualization, hardware, software, networking, and even much more. Currently, this App has over 5 million downloads. It has user friendly interface and require Android 2.3 or higher version, meaning every android phone can use this.