A job application letter otherwise known as a cover letter has always had an adverse effect on
lot of people.

People, for quite some time have had a preconceived notion albeit misconceived
that writing a job application letter is a difficult task.

Granted,  more often than not your invitation for interview or
acceptance for the vacant position, can be deduced from how your application
letter is couched and presented but truth be told, IT IS NOT A DIFFICULT TASK
and infect, should be welcomed.

Question-How do you verbally appeal to a stranger for help?

Answer-You simply convert your words to writing whilst applying the rules
guiding a formal letter.

What are the rules guiding a formal letter?

A) Your address and date has to be on the right hand side of the letter.

B) The address of who it is being addressed to would be a step below, on the
left hand side of the letter.

C) Write as you would speak, with humility yet with confidence.

D) do not doubt your capabilities, do not be hesistant, and be in control of
your writing skills.

E) Explain to the employer why you are qualified for the position and why you
should be selected for the interview.


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