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37 Cool Hobbies That can Make Money (and how)


To Make money  is quite easy,, TBH If you are pretty good at a hobby, you can probably make money off it.You’re about to get a lot of ideas on how to do just that, so keep reading.

37 Hobbies That Make Money

1. Blogging

At the heart of making money from your hobby is creating a website about your passionate hobby. Look, you may be the best horse back rider in the world. But if nobody knows who you are, nobody will care. If nobody cares, you won’t make any money with your hobby. Which is why it’s incredibly important to make yourself known. Again, the easiest and cheapest way to do this (and make a lot of money) is to reach people online.


How to Make Money Online In Nigeria in 2016

1(b). Taking Paid Surveys

Did you know you can make money expressing your opinion?

Companies are desperate to make better products and services, and they need your opinions in order to accomplish this.

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You can make a decent income by participating in surveys for money daily. It’s a nice little side hobby because they pay you right away and you can actually make a decent income from it. And you can get started right away. All you need to do is sign up with a few survey websites to begin taking surveys for money.

Here are a few really great high paying and reputable paid websites to get you started:

Survey Junkie


Inbox Dollars

2. Gaming

If you’re a gamer and you’re fairly good at it, you can make money by uploading your game play to website like Youtube. People will watch your videos and a percentage of them will click the Youtube ads. You will make a commission every time someone clicks. It could be a few cents to a few dollars.

If you’re really elite, you can join clans and go to tournaments in your city or even around the world. If you’re successful, you can win items like the latest gaming hardware, games, and even cash. Big tournaments pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can also potentially get sponsored by big gaming brands, too. That’s guaranteed money in the bank.

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Playing in gaming tournaments for money is called esporting. Big money is paid out at these tournies. Just look at these payouts.

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