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These 10 Things Are DRAINING Your Phone Battery, And You Had No Idea (MUST SEE)


This things drain your phone battery without your knowwledge… They may seem harmless but trust me they do damage to your phone battery

1. Improper Charging
If you let your phone drain completely, you may be reducing the capacity of its battery. Instead, try to keep your phone at around a 50 percent charge.

2. Charging It in the Case
Your case can cause your phone battery to overheat during a charge. To prevent this, try to get into the habit of removing the case and placing the phone on a hard surface where the heat can dissipate away from the phone.

3. Bright Backgrounds
Yes, your phone’s background can affect battery life. Choose darker backgrounds to extend capacity.

4. Background Apps
You don’t need to have apps open to lose battery life. Check for apps that run processes in the background; close any that you don’t need.

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