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How to Make Money Online In Nigeria in 2016


Nigerians have made millions on the internet, Nigerians are still making millions and they will still continue to make millions on the internet. Thousands of Nigerians are earning themselves millions of Naira online on a monthly basis while some earn enough online to quit their 7-7 job to become their own boss.  The interesting part is that you can Make Money Online in Nigeria legitimately in 2016 without involving in any fraudulent activities. The industry is still in its infancy and there is still a long way for it to grow.


You don’t have to be a wizkid or programmer before you can make money online . Your sex, age, race are not barriers to making money online. Once you are able to read this short piece, your success is guaranteed. Now, I know you should be ready to leave the poverty zone for prosperity zone.

I want to introduce you to a business Model that has worked for me and for thousands of Nigerians. It is called ‘Blogging’. You might be thinking  I failed blogging, please talk about another thing’. The simple truth is, ‘you are not doing it the right way’. It’s likely you are in the categories of blogger that:

  • Blog in a niche because someone told them he/she makes money from it
  • Are impatience (they want to start today, and start making $200/hour in the next 1 month)
  • Are comparing themselves with other bloggers
  • Lacks Motivation (no visitors)
  • Not able to face failures
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If you are among the categories listed above and failed, don’t worry. I’m ready to help as many intending bloggers as possible to achieve their dreams.

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